Making a Commitment, What Can I Do?

Now you have some understanding of whole systems and why they all need to change if future generations are to survive in any comfort (or even at all!), consider what you might start or continue to do.

Don’t just sit there, do something! First get informed, then get involved!    There are many, many actions, big and small, you can take, to create a better world.

First, decide to do something!  You cannot sit passively by while your human rights are being eroded.  Join a network, start something with your friends, your family, at school, in your job, on your street, in your neighborhood.  Use the great tools you already have for communicating with others and spreading the word.  You probably Twitter and tweet! There are great social networks already bringing link-minded people together. Great change can come about through (extra)ordinary individuals, like you and me, getting involved in creating a better future.  Did you know that, around the world, there are currently over two million organizations/networks trying to ensure change for good?   That is an impressive figure.  Know that you are not alone and have the ability to reach out to commit further.

Check our suggestions At Home, At School, In the Community and In Australia for a list of websites around getting involved.  And, we would be thrilled to learn about your experiences, so keep in touch with us.

Join the Australian Youth Climate Coalition They have groups all over Australia.  If there is nothing local, start your own!

EcoSteps Australia is part of a global network of creative, energetic and talented people who work towards their common vision of making the world a better place for all.

Lets change the way we build, to protect the planet:

Norfolk Island has introduced a personal carbon exchange scheme.…/islanders-lead-world-on-personal-carbon-test-scheme- 20101026-172ea.html -


At Home

This is the best place to start!  With yourself and with your family. Think about waste.  David Suzuki says that “You cannot throw anything away, because there is no away!”  Make a start by improving how you use food and avoid waste. Get into off-peak savings on your electricity use.  Check out what the off …

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At School

So, what’s happening in your school?  Are you studying earth systems and sustainability?  If so, you are probably well up on some of the subjects in this site. Are your parents involved in the Parents/Teachers association?  Could they help make a difference? Do you have a school garden?  If not, see if you can start …

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At Work

Greening your office is good for the planet and for the company budget.  These tips are taken from Sara McMillan’s  contribution to Habitat, Vol 39, #2, March 2011. Habitat is the magazine of the Australian Conservation Foundation. Install low energy lighting Replace all incandescent globes with compact flourescent globes. Avoid halogen down lights. If you …

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Four participants posing from Big Solar Bootcamp

In your community

This is were you can really get involved.  First, find out what is happening locally, as people who are already organized around issues will be more receptive to broadening their aspirations. (Also check out the list included with In Australia.) Is there a local Climate Action Group? Try climate campaign. Get Involved with Big Solar!   …

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In Australia

There are many Australia-wide organizations which would love to have you as a member to support their work in raising awareness and getting community involvement. EMPOWERING YOURSELF Worried about speaking in public?   Join a Toastmasters Club and you will learn to speak confidently before small and large groups. Be the Change you wish to see, …

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