What is Government doing?

Leadership in whole systems understanding and why it is crucial to the survival of the human species.  Where is this leadership?  Traditionally we looked to our leaders at federal, state and local level, informed by science and intelligent debate/dialogue, to show us the way.   Well, the problems have become so huge:

the problems have been growing for more than 50 years yet we have been focussed on indicators such as GDP or GNP – Gross Domestic Product or Gross National Product

Looking at how many of our resources we were actually consuming versus the estimated amount left on the planet was an exercise that got little attention

there is so much deliberately engineered misinformation out there

the very initiatives that have brought us comforts and pleasure laid the foundations of our current distress

choices about how many children to have are looked at as personal and individual  – now the world is on its way to 7 billion people

Lets face it. Government is not doing enough.  They are entwined in a Gordian Knot!   The Federal Government has been trying to come up with approaches to reduce global warming, for instance.  We signed on to the Kyoto Protocol.  They have developed excellent online information sites.

They are beset at every level.  The public don’t want to pay any more than the bare minimum for the pollution they have created, seeing it as more the responsibility of the manufacturers, miners and energy suppliers who created the pollution in the first place.

Government finds it hard to get their own departments to fully co-operate with one another, as they are still being run in the old way, focussing mostly on what their main area of responsibility is.  This makes sense until you realise that decisions made in one department often have powerful repercussions in other departments and with the public.  They are not applying Systems Thinking to their behaviour or decision making processes.

The people who lobby government seem to be gaining the upper hand, as the impression you get from reading the newspapers or watching the news is that Minimg, Energy, Union, Manufacturing, Retailing interests all press for advantages for their own group, with no apparent heed to what the consequences will be to the whole system and the country.

And yet, Government may be our best hope, if we can convince them that we care enough to make some sacrifices and help them to face down the powerful lobbies.  All it takes is your vote.    Honestly  – if enough people showed they cared, the government would listen  – simple as that.

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