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The header image used is a collage of images compiled by Harris Daniel Ingram using images licensed under the Creative Commons License. As a part of the License it has been agreed to attribute the images to the owners of the images which are in use.

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Little River Landcare Group – Machinery Conversion Field Day

By feral arts

Little River Landcare group is undertaking a Machinery Conversion for Increased Soil Carbon

project. This is a photo from a field day to four farms in the Cumnock area of central-west

New South Wales.

This project is supported by the Little River Landcare Group Inc., through funding from the

Australian Government’s Caring for our Country.


Styrofoam Mountain

By complexify

Out back at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. I hope
they recycle!


Little River Landcare – Evergraze Research Site (10)

By feral arts

Members of Little River Landcare Group’s “Positive Farming Footprints” training program

visited the Evergraze research site at Panuara where 3 grazing systems are being tested.

Dr Warwick Badgery who leads the research, gave a guided tour through the systems observing

animal performance indicators, management systems, ecological processes and data analysis.


Calgary NW Landfill – 2

By D’Arcy Norman

Spy Hill landfill in northwest Calgary


Blue Mountains

By desigurrl

Australia’s Blue Mountains

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