Is Runaway Capitalism the Only Way?

Is runaway capitalism the only way?  We have been brainwashed into believing that it is and that it is good for us!   Of course it is not!   Read an article by Guy Dauncey on the issue.

Visit Guy’s amazing website where you can explore the thinking and practical solutions offered by this extraordinary human being!  We have used many of his suggestions here from his book: The Climate Challenge: 101 solutions to global warming.

Reflect on this!

Here is just one excerpt from Guy’s article:  ”In just 50 years, using the methods of free market competition, loan financing and high-tech fishing technologies, we have vacuumed 90 percent of the world’s large fish out of the oceans — the cod, the marlin, the tuna, the swordfish, the halibut, the flounder. In a few more years we will have taken the lot. Forever. Whatever it is that allows us to act this way, we’re doing the same to the forests, the wetlands, the freshwater, the topsoil, the atmosphere and our own bodies.”


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