Welcome to Aussie Whole Systems Change

Aussie Whole Systems Change could change the way you see the world and your place in it. Come on the journey with us but be warned!

You will be taken on a journey into the way our world works and start to see the inter-relationships between everything we do and the effect our choices have on ourselves and others, not to mention the planet we live on.

Come on a journey with us to see how understanding how all the systems that make up our world interact and interconnect so thoroughly that it is nearly impossible to change one system without needing to change most of, or even all,  the others.

Our systems need to be in balance if we Australians or indeed, the whole human race is going to be able to lead satisfying and healthy lives.

It may not always be fun, but it certainly will be challenging.

If you are so moved, you will become involved in helping Australia and our planet survive, in both big and small ways.

Join us!

Here are the areas you can explore:

1. Whole Systems understanding

2. Relating it to you

3. Ecological sustainability

4. Economics and consumption

5. Sustainability

6. Solving global warming

7. Making a commitment [or What Can I Do?]

8. Who are we?


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What are we about?

Aussie Whole Systems Change is about changing the way we live so that we have much less impact on our world as well as adopting approaches that work to counter the damage that we have already done to it. It is not just about what we as individuals do or don’t do BUT also about …

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